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Frequently asked questions


Please see below for a list of commonly asked questions.  If you’re question isn’t listed below please contact us.

1. How do I start playing?

Simply purchase a Trail from the ‘Choose a Trail’ section of our website and you will be sent a welcome email and text.  This will provide you with a mobile number to text and a start point for your Trail.  When you are at the start location and ready to play, send a text with the word START, to the mobile number supplied and you will be provided with the first clue.  

2. What if I don’t receive a welcome email?

If you do not receive a welcome email, please check your junk mail folder in the first instance.  If you still cannot find it, please contact us at info@crypticcities.com

3. When can I play Cryptic Cities?

You can play within 30 days of purchasing a Trail.  On the day just make sure you start the trail within the start time window provided on the website.

4. How much do text messages cost?

Text messages sent by you are charged at your standard rate (they may be free if you have texts included in your mobile package).  There is no charge to receive messages, assuming you are using an Australian mobile. 

5. How much does it cost?

Trails are either $20 per team (children’s trails only) or $25 per team depending on the Trail you choose, for any number of team members.  The price of each Trail is displayed on our website.

6. How can I pay for a Trail?

You can pay by PayPal or by Debit / Credit Card.

7. What difficulty should I choose?

We have a few different dificulty ratings:

 - Level 1 - Easy (Kids):  All kids trails are rates as easy, please take note of the age range for each trail

 - Level 2 - Easy (Adults):  If you have never completed a Trail before and do not have much experience in solving cryptic clues, start out with one of the Trails first

 - Level 3 - Medium (Adults):  If you have completed one of our Level 2 trails before and feel ready for the next level up or if you have never completed a trail but think cryptically, give a Level 3 Trail a go (it is not that hard once you get the hang of them)

8. Will my International mobile number work with Cryptic Cities?

At this stage, only Australian phone numbers will work with Cryptic Cities so please use a local SIM card if you have an international number.

9. Is there a time limit on the trails?

It is assumed that you will complete each trail within the time limit listed on the Trail (including breaks) so it is important that you start within the ‘start times’ stated on the website for that trail.

10. Are there any tips on answering the Trails?

Cryptic Cities, like its name suggests, is a Trail of cryptic clues around your city.  If you have not completed one of our Trails before and you get stuck with a clue, reread it and think:

 - Synonyms: is there a word with a similar meaning?

 - Anagrams: try unscrambling / rearranging / reversing any letters in capitals

 - Acronyms: do the letters stand for anything?

Look all around you, high and low, to look for what the words may mean.  If you are really stuck, then do not panic, just text HINT and we will help guide you there.

11. What if I don’t receive a reply to my text?

If you don’t receive a reply within two minutes, it may be that you are in a lower signal area.  If this occurs, please wait a minute and try to find an area with better mobile reception. 

12. What if I don’t know the city very well.  Will I still be able to solve a Trail?

Each Trail has been designed so that no local knowledge is required.  It will however require you to bring a map / use google maps on your phone or ask a local in order to find some of the landmarks.

13. What if English is not my first language?

Each Trail has been designed with a native English speaker in mind however, each clue has a hint to help you solve it if you need it.  If you incorrectly guess the answer twice, we will automatically give you the answer and send you the next clue.

14. Can children take part?

Yes, unless otherwise stated in the description of the Trail in Choose a Trail.  Please note there are some stairs in all trails, but it is possible to complete with a pram / buggy if you have two people to lift it. There are also specific trails tailored towards children which are have been designed for them to answer, with the assistance of an adult, depending on their age.  An age indication is provided in the Trail details.

15. Can we play with multiple teams?

Yes, definitely! In order to make it more competitive we suggest that if you sign up for the same Trail, you stagger your start times by 5 minutes apart.  Teams will generally solve clues at different rates anyway.  You will be provided with your time at the end of the Trail so you can compare with the other teams

16.  I’d like to organise this event for my work team.  Is this possible?

Yes, definitely! If there are 30 people or less that will take part, we suggest signing up 6 teams (6 teams of 5 people).  If you have more people taking part, please contact us for help.

17. Can you create a bespoke event for me?

Yes, definitely! Please contact us to discuss for pricing and timing.

18. How can I keep up to date with any new trails?

Please follow us on Facebook and sign up for updates here


Contact us

If your question can’t be answered by our FAQs then please send us a message below. 

One of the team will aim to get back to you with 24 hours for most enquiries. Please let us know if your enquiry is urgent.